How Much Does HVAC Ductwork Cost?

Whether you are installing a new hvac system or just making repairs, you may want to know how much the project will run. There are a variety of elements that affect the cost of the work that include how big your ducts will be, what kind of material used, and whether or not you’ll need to perform other repairs.


Having a properly installed HVAC Ductwork System is crucial to ensure the correct operation of your heating or air conditioning unit. If your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly your energy bill could be a small fortune. There are a lot of ways to ensure that your pipes are in good condition.

Besides looking at the thermostat as well as the filter, you must also examine the ducts that are in your home. If there are issues in your ducts, you might need to replace your whole duct system. Based on your requirements it could cost just $500 for a smaller home, and as high as 10,000+ for a larger home.


Upgrading or adding HVAC vents is a significant investment. The cost will vary depending what size you have for your house and the kind of ducts that you require, and the number of vents you’d like to put in.

The actual cost of installing new ducts will be contingent on the number of vents that you require, the type of ducts you need and the length of your ducts. The cost of installing ducts can also differ according to how big your home and how easy the ducts are for your home.

Installing new ducts can also be difficult, as you will have to cut through walls, ceilings and other materials. However, you can lessen the stress by installing ducts within closets or attics. Also, you must ensure that every vent is sealed correctly to stop leaks and boost energy costs.

Flexible ducts that are not metallic

DU Technologies is a manufacturer of flexible non-metallic ducts that are used in HVAC systems. The company offers ducts in various sizes and colors, and coupling kits, coupling couplings and cuffs. The company also manufactures materials for ducts used by military personnel as well as maintenance equipment.

Flexible non-metallic ducts are used to branch off the main plenum of the HVAC system. They can also be used for providing air to individual ceiling vents in the structure.

Flexible ducts come with an inner liner constructed of a thin polymer or plastic. Although they are less expensive than metal ducts, they do deteriorate with time and require greater maintenance.

When installing flexible ducts caution must be taken when installing the ducts. This includes making sure that the ducts have been sealed using mastic that’s UL-181-rated. The ducts should be put in according to the instructions of the manufacturer. They should also be cut using appropriate equipment. If the ducts were cut incorrectly they may be damaged.

Oversized ductwork

The presence of ductwork that is oversized can lead to higher energy bills and cause equipment to be running longer than it is. Also, it could damage the ducts, which can cause downstream issues. It is also costly to fix or replace.

A standard 300-linear-foot pipe costs about $3,500. A house with one story or two bedrooms with a full bath may need 100 to 150 lineal feet of pipe. It could cost higher to upgrade an old house with ductwork.

There are many different types of ducts that you can choose from. They include flexible non-metallic ducts which are usually used in tight spaces. They can be constructed from a variety of materials including recycled insulated material.

Further repairs

Making repairs to your HVAC ductwork can be an expensive process. The price can depend on many aspects, including the type of ducts, the number of ducts and the position of the ducts.

Additionally, the design of the ducts can also affect the cost. If, for instance, your home is equipped with flexible ducts made of non-metallic then you will likely lower the cost of repair. However, if your ducts are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, you may have to pay for more costly repairs.

Depending on the location where the air ducts are, you might have to replace the ducts depending on where they are located. In certain instances the repair may involve cutting into the floor or ceiling of the room. This could add up to $500 or $3000 to the cost of the project.

Selecting the right contractor

The choice of a contractor for your HVAC ductwork is a crucial choice. You need a contractor who is licensed, insured and has a wealth of experience. Additionally, you need a firm that can show you the most effective options regarding size, price and energy efficiency.

The best way to decide is to evaluate the bids of a variety of contractors. You might also ask around for recommendations. You could also check out local trade groups to get suggestions.

As well as soliciting referrals You may also want to look at reviews on the internet. Reviews can help you decide which contractor is trustworthy. They also provide a measure of the company’s reputation and customer service.

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